Player Development

Tournament Ready prides itself in the program’s ability to develop players on a wide range of aspects. This branch of Mobile Tennis Academy is extremely important when it comes to player development.

Tournament Ready currently offers 3 types of video footage analysis for its clients.  The 3 methods for player development offered via footage analysis are Technical Analysis, Stroke Analysis, and Tournament/Match Play Analysis. These are all very beneficial methods that can and will help the player aspiring to improve their ability to compete drastically. Clients can send in footage and have it examined based on your selection of the 3 methods offered. The video will be analyzed, notes taken, and time stamped. In 3-5 business day you will receive notification of your video footage analysis being completed, and then a zoom meeting will be set up to offer a 30min-1hr consultation depending upon the length of the video you send. 

  • Technical Analysis – This method focuses on analyzing the player’s understanding of the fundamentals of shot preparation.  This package includes the following: Body Positioning, Stroke Stances, Footwork Techniques, and Hand-Eye focus.
    Video Submission – 15 min max
    Price: $75
  • Stroke Analysis – This method offers complete focus on the tennis strokes/racquet mechanics. This package includes assessing the following:  Stroke Preparation, Swing Path, Grip Adjustments, stroke results (in terms of improving the type of ball produced off the racquet, for example, better trajectory), etc.
    Video Submission – 15 min max
    Price: $75
  • Tournament/Match Play Analysis – This method is one of our most unique features offered. This package includes a complete breakdown of 1 match. The match will be broken down into notes that are time stamped according to specific places in the video provided by the client. The client will be notified in 3-5 business of the completion of the analysis and a 30min-1hr zoom call will be set up for the client to walk through with coach, addressing the following:
  • What mistakes were made?
  • Why?
  • What was the better solution?
  • The breakdown of the fundaments of point construction.
  • An assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in the match
  • How to better use your strengths going forward, and how to protect your weaknesses. 

Video Submission – includes analyzing with time stamped notes & 1 hour zoom review
30 minute video – $120
60 minute video $180

Director: Roosevelt Cooper Jr.
Phone number: 757-745-9116


Need to improve your groundstrokes, technique, footwork etc.? Try our private lessons. Need to get into a group setting? Are you trying tennis out for the first time? Try our group clinics. Have you been struggling to get over the hump in match results? Try our match play clinics, where we assess your knowledge of the game, and teach you how to properly construct points! To schedule a lesson or register for a clinic, please call, or email at the following below:

Phone: 757-745-9116

Services offered:

  • Private Lessons: $60/hr
  • Semi-Private Lessons: $35/hr
  • Group Lessons/Clinics/Match Play/Point Construction Clinics: $35/session